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A Message from PhIAA's Founder

The time is here. As I began this journey about 7 years ago, I realized very quickly that there was an incredible market opportunity present in the field of pharmacy and its respective sub-types. Personally, I have taken a great deal of risk and extrapolated my business model on a national level successfully in the field of pharmaceutical compounding and manufacturing, pharmaceutical patent formulations, dietary supplement manufacturing, technology based pharmaceutical platform build-outs, and beyond.


What’s next for me is to orchestrate a monumental shift driven to blossom innovative ideas creatively constructed to advance and expand the scope of the pharmaceutical industry. I am truly excited to launch America’s first and only pharmaceutical innovations organization, which will work to create and unite pharmacy innovators across the country. My team and I are in the process of collaborating and developing chapters at pharmacy schools nationwide, and have speaking arrangements scheduled at pharmacy technician programs across the country to coordinate the expansion and exponential growth of the future of pharmacy directed by my new vision, PhIAA (Pharmaceutical Innovations Association of America).

PhIAA will expand the scope of the pharmaceutical industry and showcase additional career pathways for individuals in the field shedding light on entrepreneurial innovation in the pharmacy field. In addition, we provide interested innovators with a path to learn and acquire the skill sets necessary to enhance current pharmacy practice modalities and expand into new, innovative areas to drive positive progression of the industry. 


PhIAA will be the first to bring a nation of pharmacy innovators together into an arena, to have healthy, collaborative, and intellectual discussions with the objective to blossom new ideas by promoting outside-the-box creativity and multi-directional dialogue to drive exponential growth to revolutionize the industry.

Out of necessity, the evolution of pharmacy is now here.

Sincerely yours,


Dr. Ahzam Afzal, Pharm.D.


Our Mission

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